Green community project - seeing the forest

As I work to complete a 14-month effort for Bridgewater, MA to become a Green Community, I am reminded of the expression "can't see the forest for the trees."   After months of focusing on the many details of this work with the amazing team of volunteers from the Town's Energy Committee (particularly the chair person!), I was reminded yesterday that it is actually quite exciting that Bridgewater is on the verge of becoming a Green Community after all this effort. Some "Green Community" milestones already accomplished in just the past few months that Bridgewater deserves recognition for:

  • Adopted the Town's first Fuel-Efficient Vehicle Policy
  • Adopted the Stretch Energy Code (one of the first 100 communities in MA to adopt)
  • Completed a detailed and thorough energy use baseline documenting all municipal consumption of energy in the past 3 years

The details of complicated projects can often obscure the big picture.  Thanks to Seth Pickering at DOER, I was reminded just what an accomplishment Bridgewater is about to achieve to be one among only 75 communities in the state so far to achieve this designation.  The official designation will be determined after the Nov 18 deadline.  I have no doubt that Bridgewater will succeed and become eligible for significant levels of grant funding for energy improvements to municipal properties.

I'll leave you with an Taoist expression as an alternative to the forest/trees expression:

We may see the tip of a hair while failing to hear a peal of thunder, or hear the melody of a song while failing to see a mountain.  Why?  A small fixation of attention results in a large measure of heedlessness.

What mountains are you failing to see?