Medway Housing Trust Adopts Action Plan

In collaboration with Beth Rust, ECR Enterprises in Sudbury, JM Goldson assisted Medway's new Affordable Housing Trust with developing the Affordable Housing Trust Action Plan. The Action Plan describes the Trust's goals, priority initiatives and a budget to support those initiatives. The Trust members worked collaboratively with Medway's Affordable Housing Committee, Susan Affleck-Childs, the Town's Planning and Economic Development Coordinator, members of the Board of Selectmen, the Community Preservation Committee, and other community members to develop the Plan.

The Trust is preparing to present the final budget to the Community Preservation Committee (CPC) to request funding for FY2012 to support the Trust's affordable housing initiatives.  The Trust is benefitting from the assistance of Shelly Goehring, an affordable housing circuit rider of sorts from the Massachusetts Affordable Housing Alliance who offers help to promote affordable housing initiatives in CPA communities at no cost to the community!!

If the Medway CPC recommends the funding, it will be considered by Town Meeting this spring.