Bridging Land Conservation and Historic Preservation

The National Trust for Historic Preservation's ForumJournal (Fall 2010) published an article by Wendy Nicholas "Collaborating to Save Whole Places."  Her message emphasizes a valuable concept that many Community Preservation Act communities in Massachusetts already know and value.  Here is an excerpt:

. . . historic buildings stand in a larger context, and preservation goals are well served if we focus on protecting the settings and larger cultural landscapes as well as the structures.

. . . Unfortunately, unlike in England where land and building preservation activities are united in one conservation movement, we are bifurcated here in the U.S.  Those concerned with buildings and landscapes work independently of each other, and consequently our two movements are missing opportunities to truly preserve whole communities, to achieve comprehensive conservation.

Valerie Talmage, whose presentation I wrote about in a prior post, also wrote an article for this issue of the ForumJournal, which subscribers can access.