Wenham readies for affordable home lottery

As published on August 17th in the Hamilton Wenham Chronicle, "Wenham readies for affordable home lottery" by Lucy R. Sprague Frederikson, describes the information session that Beth Rust and I presented on August 10th and Wenham's new buy-down program.  The application deadline is September 16th. A short excerpt:

Wenham held open houses for two affordable homes last week and followed up with an information session on how to obtain one. The event represents the culmination of a year’s work for Wenham’s Affordable Housing Trust (WAHT) and the first housing lottery in Wenham, which is scheduled for October.

Members of the WAHT, Board of Selectmen, town officials and two potential buyers attended the information session. According to Molly Martins, chairwoman of the WAHT and the Board of Selectmen, three or four families had visited each property during the two-hour open house and many applications had been taken from the Hamilton-Wenham Public Library. Town consultants Jennifer Goldson and Beth Rust hosted the information session, designed to give details on the process of applying to be in Wenham’s first housing lottery.

The first property is located at 105 Pleasant St., and is a three-bedroom single-family dwelling on an 8,200 square foot lot with 1,260 square feet of living space. The second property is at 11 Friend Court #2, and is a two-bedroom unit on 47,500 square foot lot with 1,080 square feet of living space on the second floor.