Support SB 90 Today

Please send a message to Speaker DeLeo ('') today urging support of SB 90.  I've just sent him a message myself, as follows: 

Dear Speaker DeLeo:

I urge you to support SB 90 to improve the Community Preservation Act.  Massachusetts needs this bill passed now and not postponed any longer.

The CPA provides critical funds for projects that protect and preserve the hearts and souls of our communities in Massachusetts.  Historic resources, affordable housing, and open space are essential aspects of our quality of life and economic competitiveness – the very things that make our state desirable and livable.    

The problem is that CPA is broken and needs to be fixed.  SB 90 would fix CPA by making it feasible for urban areas to adopt, allow the rehabilitation of dilapidated parks and playgrounds, and ensure meaningful distributions from the State CPA Trust fund.

CPA funds also employ many contractors, like myself.  I am a freelance planner/sole proprietor, working from my home in Boston, and I specialize in helping communities implement the Community Preservation Act.  More than 95% of my business comes directly from CPA.  Many contractors including architects, builders, surveyors, appraisers, engineers, lawyers, planners, and other professionals and trades people rely on CPA funds to sustain their businesses.  I believe fixing and strengthening the CPA will help many small businesses like my own. 

Please don’t let this chance to fix the CPA slip by again.

Thank you for considering my point of view. 


Jennifer M. Goldson, AICP

Principal of JM Goldson community preservation + planning