Scituate Ellis House - a restoration with grassroots fundraising

According to yesterday's article on, "Scituate Ellis House gets repairs one brick at a time", the town-owned Ellis House in Scituate is undergoing a restoration using Community Preservation Act funds in addition to some grassroots fundraising: 

The group has worked over the last two years to raise money to pay for extensive renovations through various fund raisers and a “Buy-a-Brick” drive launched in the spring.

 Each brick costs $7.50 and if the group can sell about 120 more, the estimated $6,000 to $7,000 cost to repair two of the house’s four chimneys will have been paid.

The article explains that the Scituate Arts Association, the house's tenant, is leading the way to restore this Gothic-Revival house, built 1874.  The Community Preservation Act funds were used to complete the house's nomination to the National Register of Historic Places.  According to the article, the total restoration is expected to cost $750,000. 

The Scituate Arts Association website includes a link to "Buy A Brick" and a photograph of the house.