MHP Guidebook & Workshop on Housing Trusts

You may recall from some of my recent posts that I've been working with the Massachusetts Housing Partnership (MHP) to write a guidebook on municipal affordable housing trusts.  I'm pleased to report that the guidebook is in final production and is expected to be available  sometime in November.  I'll keep you posted.  I'm also pleased to report that MHP will be holding a workshop on housing trusts on November 17 in Framingham.   The workshop's panel of speakers includes: Beth Rust, Sudbury's Housing Specialist; Alice Savage, Easton's Planning Director; Attorney Kathleen O'Donnell, Kopelman & Paige; Valerie Foster, Dennis Housing Trust; and me.   

In response to increased local interest, the Massachusetts Housing Partnership will hold a workshop on how a municipal affordable housing trust can help communities maintain and increase their supply of affordable housing. The workshop will take place on Tuesday, Nov. 17 from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the United Church of Christ Conference Center, One Badger Road, Framingham.

More information and a link to register is on MHP's website.