Combo CPA Projects on Martha's Vineyard

The ability to fund combo projects - projects that incorporate more than one CPA category - is one of the most powerful and ingenious aspects of the Community Preservation Act.  There are many examples of combo projects:  one of the more well-known is Rowley's Bradstreet Farm project, written about in the Community Preservation Coalition's CPA Update.  In perusing the new issue of Preservation Magazine, I came across one such combo project - combining historic preservation and affordable housing -  although I didn't know it was a CPA project at the time.  

The article "Change of Address" describes the work of the Island Housing Trust on Martha's Vineyard to create affordable housing by saving the second story of an historic home from the bulldozer - moving it to a new site, constructing a new first floor, and rehabilitating the reused portions of the historic home.

Although the project is not a traditional or holistic preservation project, I was intrigued with its creativity and resourcefulness, so I checked out the Island Housing Trust's website

As it turns out, the subject project (the Schiffer project in Tisbury) was one of many of the Trust's projects that (1) used CPA funds as a funding source and (2) combined multiple CPA categories into one project.  The Trust's work includes multiple projects that combine housing not only with historic preservation but also with conservation of open space. 

Are you working on any combo CPA projects in your community?  Please tell us about them.