"Green" CPA Projects

The morning after finalizing my article, "Green" CPA Projects, for the Community Preservation Coalition's July 2009 newsletter, my colleague Chris Ryan alerted me to a new post on his blog, The Localizer.   The post links to an article in Orion Magazine, "World At Gunpoint" by Derrick Jensen.    Jensen challenges us to think and act in a different way, by first pointing out our skewed perception of "the" world: 

. . . it’s the world, not our world. The notion that the world belongs to us—instead of us belonging to the world—is a good part of the problem. 

Jensen urges us to ask what we can and must do to become the land's ally.    Did my article ask the right questions?  Here is an excerpt from my "Green" CPA Projects article: 

As momentum grows for global environmental solutions and sustainability, our national and state governments, as well as many forward-thinking private businesses, are beginning to focus more on green initiatives. Likewise, in many Massachusetts communities, Community Preservation Committees (CPCs) are becoming more focused on how to encourage green CPA projects, and are placing more of an emphasis on sustainability.

 CPA itself is inherently green, in that it encourages smart growth and incorporates elements of sustainable development- such as preservation of open space, and rehabilitation and reuse of existing historic structures.  But many CPA projects can be more green if a conscious effort is made to incorporate green-design elements and sustainable practices.

This article provides an overview of green CPA projects and describes how CPCs can incorporate sustainable practices into their work.