Grant Applications Due Aug 7 for Boston Foundation for Architecture

In the interest of finding additional funding opportunities for Community Preservation Act communities, I sometimes run across opportunities that are only tangentially related to CPA activities.  Here is one that I thought my readers might find interesting.  The Boston Foundation for Architecture offers grants to increase public awareness of design, planning, and the built environment.  The grants primarily go to public school programs, although the BFA states that the program is not restricted to schools.  Here is an excerpt from the BFA website

Over the years, the Boston Foundation for Architecture (BFA) has awarded more than $800,000 to support community-based programs, exhibitions and tours, in-school educational programs, conferences, lectures, symposiums, and other community activities.

In 2008, the Boston Foundation for Architecture (BFA) awarded a total of $38,970 in grants to 16 projects throughout Massachusetts. The grants will help underwrite community-based K-12 and other public education programs that focus on elevating public awareness of and participation in the planning, design, and construction of our communities.

Here are a few examples of projects the BFA funded last year:

Freetown-Lakeville Middle School (Lakeville)—$1,100 to support an in-school program for about 130 students who will tour facilities powered by alternative energy sources and will then ‘design’ a home using one or more of those alternative sources

Hanover High School (Hanover)—$2,000 to support a traveling exhibit of scaled model homes built by high-school students to explore ‘green’ concepts and practices used in home design and construction

 Applications are due August 7th.