Consensus Building Advice & Ideas (+ seeking information on green CPA projects)

An interview featured in the Media section of May's Planning Magazine sparked my interest in a blog by Lawrence Susskind, AICP (professor of urban and environmental planning at MIT and a visiting professor at the Harvard Law School).   His posts focus on the benefits and uses of consensus building to enable more democratic decision making.  In Susskind's most recent post, "Green Technology Innovation", he emphasizes the importance of consensus building to promote sustainability:

I believe the consensus building approach to collective decision-making is the only way we will be able to promote green technology innovation at sufficient scale to achieve a meaningful shift to more sustainable patterns of development. 
Efforts of one group or segment of society to impose its views about sustainability on others who are unwilling will fail.  The costs of contentiousness and the difficulties of enforcement make the imposition of sustainable development policies on grudging segments of society almost impossible.
In an earlier post, he briefly discusses "Dealing with an Angry Public", a subject he has also written a book about.   I encourage you to check out his blog.

Seeking Information on Green CPA Projects:  On a related subject, would any one care to share examples of Community Preservation Act-funded projects that incorporate sustainability principles?  The information would helpful for an article I am preparing for the Community Preservation Coalition. Please comment on this post (or email me at