Modernist House in Wellfleet to be Preserved with CPA Funds

If you think something has to be very old in order for it to be "historic", think again.  Last week the Cape Cod Times reported that a Modernist house, built in 1970, is being preserved.  As the article describes, the Kugel-Gips house was designed by Charles Zehnder, a local designer/builder, and is eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.    This excerpt from the article provides some background on the project: 

The Kugel-Gips residence on Northeast Pond became the first Modernist structure in the nation to receive protection under a National Park Service lease agreement with a local group, according to Randy Biallis, chief historic architect with the federal agency.

The 2,000-square-foot house, which has been empty since 1998, is off Long Pond Road in Wellfleet. It is owned by the Cape Cod National Seashore. But it will be in the care of the nonprofit Cape Cod Modern House Trust of Wellfleet for the next 20 years.

Trust executive director and architect Peter McMahon has agreed to raise about $150,000 to restore the house in the next three years. Of that, the town of Wellfleet has already pitched in $100,000 in Community Preservation Act money. The trust plans to use the house for the study of Modernist structures and small exhibitions.

I also came across a blog post about the project ("Saved by the . . . Community Preservation Act") written by Alexandra Grabbe, a bed and breakfast owner in Wellfleet.