Scituate's West End Woods - A Balance of Conservation and Development

While pouring over the 80-plus Google Alerts I received about the Community Preservation Act  (CPA) over April vacation, I came across an uplifting letter to the editor of the Scituate Mariner from neighbors of the West End Woods - an extensive open space conservation effort that incorporates limited development.   As described in greater depth on the Maxwell Conservation Trust's website, the Trust has been working for the last seven years to preserve 120 acres of open space through multiple bargain-sale purchases using CPA funds.  These purchases expand the existing 100-acre inventory of conservation land in the West End of town.  A 39-acre portion of the area is being considered for low-impact development of 10 units on seven acres under Scituate's Flexible Open Space Bylaw.  The Trust's website also includes a helpful map of the area.