April Newsletter

What We're Reading This Month

We’ve been busy this month, working hard on projects in Wellesley, Bedford, Arlington, North Adams, Eastham, and more. Even with all our projects, the team enjoys sharing what we’ve read online lately with each other and on our social media. Here are three articles we found interesting and relevant this month:

Commemorating 50 Years of the Fair Housing Act When We Still Have a Long Way to Go

This month marked fifty years since the passing of the Fair Housing Act in 1968. This article, among many others, regards the act as a landmark piece of legislation. It also remarks that patterns of racial and economic residential segregation persist in every U.S. city, and that the concept of “fair housing for all” is one that we need to continuously strive towards.


Expanding on Baker’s ‘Housing Choice’ Initiatives

This article, found in Banker & Tradesman, supports bold actions taken to address Massachusetts’ housing crisis. The author addresses Governor Baker’s “Housing Choice” incentives and suggests expanding the bill to adequately respond to the pressing housing crisis in the metro Boston area.


My Generation is Never Going to Have That

This feature focuses on Millennials in Seattle who can’t afford to live in the thriving city due to the focus on single-family housing, and one idea to reverse this trend. It asks this question of the older generation of homeowners in the city: “you got yours, and now you don’t want anyone else to have theirs?”.


Have you read anything related to housing in Massachusetts recently? If so, send it our way!

Here's what else JM Goldson has been up to:

APA National Conference

Jennifer spent last weekend in New Orleans for APA’s National Planning Conference. In between eating delicious Cajun seafood and exploring the vibrant city, she attended informative and engaging sessions with planners from across the country and found it to be a great learning experience.

Westwood OSRP

We finished up our work with Westwood and PGC Associates this month, wrapping up the community engagement portion of the project after hearing feedback from the town in the community meeting and the online survey that helped the team develop goals and strategies for the Open Space and Recreation Plan.

Wellesley HPP

We have the second community workshop this Thursday, May 3, in Wellesley. In collaboration with Barrett Planning Group, JM Goldson is conducting community meetings in the town while preparing the Housing Production Plan.