February Newsletter

Historic Preservation in Arlington

JM Goldson is updating the Town of Arlinton's historic resources inventory to add over 130 properties to the inventory. Lara Kritzer, who is primarily working on this project, explains, "Historic resource inventories are a record of both the architecture and the history of communities. I’ve had a chance in the past to work in Arlington, mostly on the Battle Road Scenic Byway, and it has made me aware of what an amazingly diverse community it is that has a wealth of historic and architectural resources hidden away on side streets and in neighborhoods."

The project is a collaborative process, working with the local historical commission and committee members to better understand their concerns and priorities and letting that shape  decisions where to focus the research.

Lara has a Masters in Historic Preservation from Boston University and has a background working with the Community Preservation Act and as a preservation planner. She is leading similar projects in Hanson and North Adams, MA. 

Lara says, "I have always loved history and architecture, and found historic preservation as a way to meld my two favorite subjects into a career. Perhaps its because I grew up in the Midwest, but every day I am amazed and delighted by the reminders of the past which are all around us here in New England. It is these tangible reminders – the houses, fields, monuments, and artifacts that bring history alive and I feel strongly that our community and culture would be poorer without them.  Historic Preservation is a scary term to many but to me it's not about stopping time, but finding a way to honor and maintain the history of a place while also making sure that these spaces continue to be lived in and used both now and in the future."

We're excited to continue this project over the next few months. Read more about the project here: http://arlington.wickedlocal.com/news/20180213/historic-resources-inventory-to-add-properties

What else are we working on?

Sharon & Concord Master Plans

Beginning this spring, we will bring our expertise in housing to the Civic Moxie team working on a new master plan for the Town of Sharon and continue to bring the Concord Master Plan project, also led by Civic Moxie, to completion.

Community Workshops

In March we will be conducting community workshops in Wellesley, where we’re working on a Housing Production Plan with the Barrett Planning Group LLC as lead consultant, and North Andover, where we’re part of the RKG Associates Inc team writing a Master Plan. We’ve been designing and getting geared up for these workshops and anticipate a high turnout and lots of energy in both communities!

Eastham Community Preservation Plan

We’re excited to begin work in the Town of Eastham to prepare an update to the Community Preservation Plan. JM Goldson prepared Eastham's first CPA Plan five years ago and is happy to be back to help them think about the next five years.