Fair Housing Trainings: Facilitating dialogue in MA towns

In June, JM Goldson launched a new training for municipal staff, boards, and committees on fair housing as related to land use, zoning, and planning decisions. JM Goldson developed this training on behalf of the WestMetro HOME Consortium and working closely with the Regional Housing Services Office and City of Newton Fair Housing Committee.

In the training, municipal officials will review the background of fair housing and its current relevance; delve into fair housing considerations specific to local land use policies and practices; and examine select case law.

Local land use decisions and policies can have a profound effect on advancing fair housing objectives. To further fair housing goals and avoid liability, it is critical for municipal officials involved with local land use decisions and policies to develop an understanding of fair housing laws and best practices. If you would like more information on how to bring this training to your community, please contact us at jamie@jmgoldson.com.