North Andover Master Plan Public Forum

JM Goldson partnered with RKG Associates last night for the first public forum regarding the North Andover Master Plan. The turnout was incredible, with over 160 residents of the town coming to participate and give their feedback!


Along with a presentation by Jennifer and Eric Halvorsen from RKG Associates, the forum included several open house activities where participants could talk to consultants and committee members, ask questions, and give their feedback on different aspects of the town that will be addressed in the plan.

Overall, the forum left participants feeling like their voice, and the voice of the town, was heard, and the consultant team more equipped to understand what people love about North Andover, and what needs to be improved in the town.



Kudos to the town of North Andover and the Master Plan Oversight Committee for getting such a great turnout last night! We had a blast, and got a lot of great input.