The Missing Middle: Where is the mid-sized housing?

"Many people age 50 and older are looking to be part of a social network rather than living in an isolated environment with only people their age. Missing Middle tends to be in communities that are age diverse," says architect Daniel Parolek.

When planners and housing specialists talk about the need for more housing options, we are often talking about what architect Daniel Parolek calls the "missing middle" - accessory apartments, townhouses, duplexes, four plexes, work/live units, etc. . .

Often this type of housing is missing as a result of overly-restrictive local zoning bylaws created decades ago.

In this AARP Livable Communities interview with Parolek, he describes how the idea of the American Dream is rapidly shifting and that more and more Americans want to live in a compact, walkable neighborhood with commercial amenities and services.

Can we embrace this new/old vision? What will it take to create these types of neighborhoods again?