Envisioning best future for Stockbridge in 2036

Stockbridge, MA, Community Visioning Workshop January 28, 2016
Stockbridge, MA, Community Visioning Workshop January 28, 2016

After a terrific turnout at the first community visioning workshop on January 27, the town is preparing to host a second community workshop. During the first event, which had over 85 participants, townspeople used “perfect-world thinking” to envision what Stockbridge could be at its very best in 2036. The Town's Visioning Committee members facilitated ten break-out groups in a guided brainstorming exercise that generated energetic discussion. The evening concluded with a lighting-round presentation from the Visioning Committee members summarizing the main points raised during the break-out discussions.

This first community workshop and the upcoming workshop, are part of the Town’s effort to create a vision for the future of the community. Before there can be a meaningful plan to move forward with community preservation and development, residents should agree on a picture of what they want their community to look like, feel like, and be like considering forces that are influencing the community’s future.

To help answer these questions, the Town of Stockbridge appointed a new Visioning Committee and is sponsoring two interactive community workshops, designed and facilitated by professional planning consultants Connie Kruger of Kruger Consulting in Amherst and Jennifer Goldson of JM Goldson community preservation + planning in Boston.

The community workshops include information about how Stockbridge is changing, group discussion exercises, and polling. The first workshop, “Time to Dream,” focused the participants on the best imagined future; whereas the second workshop on March 7th, “Time for Reality Check,” will ground the vision and set goals for the future.