Barnstable, MA

A roadmap to a vibrant, intergenerational community with diverse and attractive year- round housing choices. 

JM Goldson prepared the Barnstable Housing Needs Assessment in 2014 and was subsequently engaged to prepare a comprehensive Housing Production Plan that incorporates broad community engagement. Barnstable is Cape Cod’s largest community, the County seat and consists of seven unincorporated villages. It’s known as a beautiful place to live and visit with historic sites and sandy beaches. However, with escalating housing costs and limited job opportunities, the town faces challenges and opportunities.

 Residents meet to discuss affordable housing in the Town of Barnstable.

Residents meet to discuss affordable housing in the Town of Barnstable.

While statewide population grew, the Cape’s population declined with the Town of Barnstable leading the decline. Barnstable’s population is generally younger than other Cape communities and as the baby boomer population grows on the Cape, the younger population is expected to continue to move o the Cape propelled by high housing costs and scarcity of good jobs.

To help address the cost and availability of housing in Barnstable, the town commissioned this planning effort to bring together perspectives from residents, business owners, employees, affordable housing advocates, and developers.

Building on the prior Housing Needs Assessment, the town undertook a 10-month process to set direction for the Plan. The Plan includes 18 recommendations to help the town address local housing needs in ways that ensure protection of natural resources and support economic growth. 


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